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Prof. Asoc. Dr.


Position: Associate Professor
Engagement: Full-Time Professor
Title: Prof. Asoc.

Scientific Publications Prof.ass.dr. Vedat Bajrami
Scientific journal
Title of paper Journal name Year / Volume / Pages
Inclusive education in multicultural environments in Europe and the Balkans Journal of Awareness E - ISSN: 2149-6544URL:https://www. ratingacademy. com. tr/ojs/in dex.php/joaDOl: https://doi. org/10.26809/joa. 4.035 Ara§tirma Makalesi / Research Article 2019/Volume 4, Sayi / Issue 4, pp. 455-466
Inclusive education in multicultural environments in Europe and Kosovo KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Skopje, July, 2019 ISSN 2545-4439 ISSN 1857 - 923X Scientific Papers 2019 / Vol. 31.1. / pp: 113-123
Comparison of inclusive policies and practices in some countries of the European Union and in Kosovo KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Budva, Montenegro, June, 2019 ISSN 1857-923X(for e-version)ISSN 2545 - 4439 (for printed version) 2019 / Vol. 31.5. / pp: 1593-1598
Education for students with special educational needs in Europe and Balkan „ Research in Education and Rehabilitation “ Tuzla, Bosna & Hercegovina, December, 2018 ISSN 2637-2037 http://erf. untz. ba/web/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/RER-1-2.pdf 2018/ Vol.1 /p.p: 66- 73
Analysis of political and legal framework of inclusive education in multicultural environments some countries EU and the Balkans „ Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for persons with disabilities “ Ohrid, Macedonia, September. 2018 ISBN 978-608-238-145-9 COBISS.MK-ID 108225802 2018 /- / pp: 209 - 228
Inclusive Education Policies in Some EU Countries and the Balkans KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Budva, Montenegro, May, 2018 ISSN 1857-923X(for e-version)ISSN 2545 - 4439 (for printed version) 2018 / Vol. 23.1. / pp: 45-54
The importance of reciving feedbackin the proces of selfevaluation KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Budva, Montenegro, May, 2018 ISSN 1857-923X(for e-version)ISSN 2545 - 4439 (for printed version) s/index.php/KIJ/article/view/1502 2018 / Vol. 23.1. / pp: 191-193
Concept analysis of inclusive education in some EU countries and Kosovo KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Bansko, Bulgaria, December, 2017 ISSN 1857-923Xfor e - version ISSN 2545-4439for printed version 2017 /Vol. 20.2. / pp: 619 - 625
Inclusive Education System in Europe and in Kosovo MESLEKIBILIMLERIDERGISI ISSN: 2146-7420 488035 education-system-in-europe-and-in-kosovo/oclc/8132402617&referer=brief_results 2017 /- /pp: 134-142
The Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs in Europe And Kosovo UMYOS 6th INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS SYMPOSIUM Student-Centered Approaches in Vocation EducationMay, 18-20 2017, Bosnia & Herzegovina ISBN: 978-9944-0637-6-0 2017 /Vol. 1. / pp: 233 - 238
Teacher competence for inclusive education in multicultural environments KNOWLEDGE - International Journal THE TEACHER OF THE FUTURE 25-28.5.2017, Budva, Montenegro ISSN 1857-923Xfor e- version ISSN 2545-4439for printed version https://www. ikm. mk/17.1. vdl 2017 /Vol. 17.1. / pp: 137 - 146
Analysis of the education financial system of children with spcial needs in Europe and Kosovo KNOWLEDGE - International Journal Agia Triada, Greece, 29.9-1.10.2017 ISSN 1857-923Xfor e- version ISSN 2545-4439for printed versionhttDs:// Terziev/Dublication/320024887 POSSIBLE WAYS OF PROPAGANDA OF THE HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE OF THE VORONEZH REGION/links/ 59c98b85aca272bb0503d76a/PO SSIBLE-WAYS-OF -PROPAGANDA-OF-THE-HISTORICAL- AND-CULTURAL-HERITAGE-OF-THE-VORONEZH- REGION.pdf 2017 /Vol. 19.2 / pp: 477 - 485
Approaches of education of children with special needs children and multilingual children in multicultural environments KNOWLEDGE - International Journal 31.3-2.4.2017, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia ISSN 1857-923Xhttps ://www. ear+Vedat ,+The+name+"Vedat+Bairami"+is+ mentioned+bv+one+of+the+top+0.5%+mo st+ read+authors+on+Academia&oq=Dear+Vedat% 2C+The+name+"Vedat+Bairami"+is+me ntioned+bv+one+of+the+top+0.5%+mo st+rea d+authors+on+Academia&aq s=chrome. .69i57.1 843i0i8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 2017 /Vol. 16.1. / pp: 403-412
Policy and practice for inclusive education in Europe and the Kosovo KNOWLEDGE IN PRACTICE-- International Journal16-18 December, 2016 Bansko, Bulgaria ISSN 1857-923X https://www. ikm. mk/15.3. vdl 2016/Vol. 15.3. / pp: 1315-1321
Case of study: Goranian speech vs. French language Drustvene i naucne aktuelnosti - zbornik radova - UDK: 811.18’373.45(44) Originalan naucni rad 2016/-/ pp:126-131
Multilingual scope and VI medunarodna naucno-strucna konfrenecija 2015/-/
phonological Differences „ Unapredenje kvalitete zivota djece i mladih“ 19. - 21. 06. 2015. godine, Ohrid, Makedonija ISSN 1986-9886httD:// kvaliteta ivota djece i mladih.pdf pp:148-159
Ocenjivanje i prepoznavanje na decata so posebnii potrebi vo odrazovanieto Megunaroden naucno-strucen sobir Inkluzivno 2012/-/ pp:412-422
obrazovanje : sostojba i predizvici: zbornik na
trudovi, 17-19 maj, Strumica, Makedonija. ISBN 978-608-65438-1-5 COBISS.SI-ID: 702284 https://www. worldcat. org/title/ocenjivanje-i- prepoznavanje-na-decata-so-posebnii-potrebi-
vo- odrazovanieto/oclc/814339793&referer=brief r esults
Views on education in multicultural envirnoment = Veshtrime mbi arsimin ne mjediset shumekulturore Kumtesat: nga konferenca vjetore e shkences "Java e shkences 2012”Ministria e Arsimit, e Shkences dhe e Teknologjise, Prishtine, 2012 COBISS.SI-ID: 2485591 https://www. worldcat. org/title/veshtrime-mbi- arsimin-ne-mjediset-shumekulturore-views-on- 2012/-/ pp: 537-542
envirnoment/oclc/840006299&referer=brief res ults
Inclusion of S.E.N. children in education Puna sociale dhe politika sociale Tirane : Departamentit te Punes Sociale dhe Politikes Sociale ISSN 2221-4178 COBISS.SI-ID: 2504023 2012/No. 5/ pp: 80-86
Inclusion of S.E.N. children in education 2nd International scientific conference "Dynamics of European integration through social inclusion", Albania, Tirana, 8th - 9th 2012/-/ pp: 13
October, 2012. ISBN 978-9928-4046-4-0 COBISS.SI-ID: 2487383 https://www. worldcat. org/title/inclusion -of-sen-children-in-education/oclc/840006309&referer= brief results
Early childhood intervention : the situation in Europe 2005- 2010 Early intervention - developmental disorders : book of papers 2011/-/ pp: 555-576
Simpozium so megunarodno ucestvo, Ohrid COBISS.SI-ID: 2231383 https://www. worldcat. org/title/ranata- intervenciia-detstvo-analiza-na-sostoibata -vo-evropa-2005-2010-early-childhood -intervention-the-situation-in-europe-2005- 2010/oclc/780853859&referer=brief results
Savremeni pristupi rada sa djecom sa posebnima potrebama Educologia ISSN:Y-2697 2011/No. 5/ pp: 266-278
COBISS.SI-ID: 702796 https://www. worldcat. org/title/s avremeni-pristupi-rada-sa-djecom-sa- posebnima-potrebama/oclc/814340674 &referer=brief results
Upravcu inkluzivnog obrazovanja na Kosovu - mogucnosti i ogranicenja Educologia 4/2010. Universiteti i Prishtines - Fakulteti i Edukimit KUD 371.3:342.7 342.7:371.3 http://www. obrazovanje.pdf 2010 / -/ pp: 244-254
Other Scientific Publications:
3. Bajrami, V. (2008): Policies of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Comprehensive Education in Kosovo," Anthology II FSDEK: Pristine.2. Bajrami V., Berisha, F.: Ministry Dedicated to the Realization of Inclusiveness and the Development of education for all, quality education accelerates the development, MEST, Pristine, 2006.1. Bajrami V., Aliu F. and Note N. (2003): "Children with Special Needs," Special Education in Kosovo ", FSDEK (Finish support for the development of Education sector in Kosovo, Pristine, 2003